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The items in the collection are entered into a database that you can search.  There are several fields used for the "metadata" or descriptors of the notes.  Omeka, the web authoring tool used for this exhibit, calls the standard set of descriptors the "Dublin core."  The descriptors and their terms have been developed by librarians and museum specialists as a basic set that can serve for any item.  The fit to numismatics requires some explanation.

The Descriptors (metadata)

Each note is associated with a set of descriptors or metadata.  Below is a sample note listing with explanation of use of the descriptors.  Each descriptor begins with the Dublin Core term (in bold).

Title: Thames Bank, Indiana, Laurel, 1856, 2 dollars
Title combines issuer, state (or province), city, year of issue, and denomination.

Subject: 2 dollars
Denomination of the note.

Description: 8 reales [Mo] FM, US dollar, August 12th, 1856, plate A, fraudulent institution, from Karl Zeulke collection; imprint: Wellstood, Hay & Whiting, New York.
The coin(s) displayed on the note with mintmark and assayer mark; the date of issue; plate letter; special notes; imprint. Brackets [] mean item not present but implied.

Creator: Thames Bank
The issuer.  Any preceding "The" is dropped for better alphabetization.

Date: 1856
The year of issue.

Identifier: WVS 397-4 [2995]
Standard catalog number(s). The prefix (here WVS) identifies the catalog; see the prefix list below. The number in brackets is the collector's inventory number.

Catalogs cited.  See References for details.

GH:  Gordon L. Harris (New York)
Hb:  Hoober (Pennsylvania)
Hu:  Hughes (Kentucky)
Hx:  Haxby (bank notes)
JL:  Jones, Littlefield (Virginia)
Kr:  Kraus (Mississippi)
KSG:  Kelly, Shank Jr., Gordon (Maryland)
R:  Rosene (Alabama)
WNJ:  Wait (New Jersey)
WVS:  Wolka, Vorhies, Schramm (Indiana)
WW:  Wolka (Ohio)

var: variant on this note
unl: unlisted in catalog

Coverage: United States, Indiana, Laurel
Country, state (or province), city or town.  There are a few notes from Canada, otherwise, all are from the United States.


Each note is assigned one or more "tags" or descriptors.  You can search for notes with a particular descriptor using this page.

Browsing, Searching, and Sorting

You can browse all the notes here.  There is some degree of search capability here, although it might not be too useful.