Errors on Notes

There are a few obsoletes depicting Spanish coins that have errors on them. Illustrated here are some major errors.  Minor errors include coin depictions with non-existent mintmark-assayer letters or that are particularly inaccurate.

Double denomination--see either end

A Bank of Tennessee 10 cent note, Garland 1177, has "Five Cents" on the right end and "Ten Cents" on the left end. In most cases the error was "corrected" by removing the right end. A few untrimmed notes got into circulation and the error was either not noticed or disregarded.

Monocacy Mills, Maryland.  Coin inverted.

The 12 1/2 cent note, Kelly-Shank-Gordon 85.1.3, from Monocacy Mills, Frederick County, Maryland has the 1 real coin image upside down.

E. Hottzclaw & McElroy, Fair Play, Georgia
1818, 25 cents

B. Pierce & Co., Augusta, Georgia
1818, 6 1/4 cents

J. P. Randolph Exchange Office
Augusta, Georgia
1818, 12 1/2 cents

Cox & Massengill's Mills
Buffalo, Tennessee
1816, 25 cents

The coin on the four notes on the left is a mirror image.  It might be that the way the coin was reproduced involved inking an actual coin as part of a letterpress plate.  That would produce a mirror image.  If so, calling this an error is probably incorrect.

The three Georgia notes are stylistically very similar and are likely from the same printer.